Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DMMd - Clear's Route

AHHH~!!! Let's do CLEAR first~ he's actually my last but Noiz's part it way too long, I'll do that tomorrow, still need to fix some translations.


Clear is that handsome baby boy who fell from the sky! He's soo hot, the skies can't take him! Well, leaving that aside, Clear seems to be the same age as Aoba. He looks kinda chubby in his clothes without the coat, but if you see his appearance at the GLITTER hotel, then you won't think this way~ xD Clear's hair is totally white, he wears a yellow scarf and white inner shirt which is quite short and blue pants. His coat is totally white. He wears a gas mask and under it...is ANOTHER MASK! So yeah, Clear has a pair of beautiful purple eyes. His voice is sooo cheerful, he always seems so happy but he's actually very emotional and kept his feelings a secret until he burst into anger. He's pretty strong, and there's a reason behind it.

His path:

Shake her off
Why the umbrella?
You brat!
I hear something on the roof
No way
Call out to Koujaku
Don't listen to him
Be patient
Did you really hear me?
Peek at what Noiz is doing
Call Clear's name
Approach Koujaku
Hesitate to Listen
(this is the route I came up with, but you can follow the route provided by the game or aarinfantasy)
(next up are four other questions before the MAIN QUESTION)

Dont' choose anything and let it break


(if you choose the other one, you might end up at the Title screen and it will not be a record in the game)


So yeah, Clear fell from the sky when Aoba chased away the three brats. He then started calling Aoba "Master" and mentioned that he heard Aoba's otherself at the Rhyme battle. He's also the one who carried Aoba back to his house. Ever since their formal meeting, Clear usually stays up on the roof or sometimes on Aoba's veranda. He's usually there singing a song. He seemed to devote himself to Aoba and tried everything to protect him.


At first, nothing much is known about him. He usually kept on saying that he's from the Northern District together with his grandfather who passed away. This grandfather of his always tells him about the jellyfish and so, Clear made a song about it. The reality is that Clear is from Toue's corporation. The real "Master" of Clear is Toue and he's actually a robot. He's like part of the project of capturing Aoba but he seemed to have a different program.


At the Opal Tower, Aoba and Clear were greeted by Toue and the main antagonist here are Alpha and Alpha 2. These duo bears the resemblance of Clear but their attitudes are totally twisted. The do everything Toue tells them to. At the fight, Clear has the power of song to calm down or to nullify a certain negative effect on a person while Alpha and Alpha2 have the power to give negative effects on anyone. Clear and Aoba seemed to be affected by it. Alpha2 took hold of Aoba while Alpha fights Clear. Aoba noticed how weak Clear is getting and he used SCRAP on him.


Aoba sent the wrong message to Clear. Clear then lost to the fight. Toue still fixed Clear but ended up formatting him thus Clear was reprogram into somehow greater than Alpha and Alpha2. Aoba was kept by Clear but still under Toue's experiments. Clear had Aoba's lower limbs removed; both of his legs. Aoba was chained up on a cell like room where Clear visits him everytime. Clear made Aoba into something he's not. Clear's mind was totally twisted and thought that he isn't human and so, Aoba can't be human too. He wanted Aoba to become a doll, and dolls don't need limbs. Clear also removed Aoba's eyes, vocal cords (to avoid SCRAP I think) and Aoba's sense of touch. Aoba can't feel anything now. But (I think) his mind had gone twisted, he's happy as long as Clear is happy. 

At the end of it, Clear also wanted to remove Aoba's arms and he bites it until it bleeds.


Both of the message in front of him are wrong. Aoba didn't choose anything and let it breaks. When he got back, Clear sang the Jellyfish Song perfectly and managed to defeat the two. When the Opal Tower breaks, Aoba and Clear went to the Hotel, Aoba really wanted to fix Clear badly but they seem to be running out of supply. Until Clear touched Aoba. It seems like it was his wish, to be one with him. So yeah, they had the beautiful H-scene, it was yummy~ With BJ and all...AHAHA~! okay so yeah, he wears cute boxers...AHAHA~!!! i love it! Okay so yeah, after the happy moment, Clear shut down. 

When Aoba managed to get out of Platinum Jail, he did his best to look for the best mechanic to fix Clear, but seems like there was none. One month has passed and Tae-san was actually meeting up with someone to fix Clear. 

Aoba just went back to work until he heard a beautiful calm song coming from the roof. When he got up, he was greeted by a smile from a man with white hair, and the man finally said his name. ^^

I love it! I can't wait for Re:connect! I wanna see more sides of Clear, especially with the released photos which involve an intercourse with Aoba with LIMBS! AHHHHHHH~!!! I want that! and I wanna see Clear's butt!


  1. I couldnt find in the common route or the re connect of clears route where clear takes off his mask? Am I missing something?

    1. Clear taking off his mask isnt the only thing. Parts of the story in reconnect im confused about like im missing something. I did the common route then reconnect? Is there something in between? Im soo confused

    2. Oh~ DRAMAtical Murder and DRAMAtical Murder re:connect are two different games. :D re:connect is a newer game.

      Clear will take off his mask AFTER the common route. The part when they got in trouble with some gang the moment they went outside of GLITTER hotel. Clear ran away from Aoba for a moment thinking that he's really strong and not human at all.
      ...BEFORE THE KISS SCENE. \(*w*)/

      In re:connect - Clear has no mask in the entire game :D
      It's all about H-scenes. The continuation of Good ending and bad ending of the first game.

    3. I know the reconnect is the sequel to it. But Dramatical murder (first one) just ended with Aoba and Koujaku together after his hair was cut. There were no routes or anything but only in reconnect. And I did clears route (good and bad) and that never happened. ;^; maybe it isnt the full version or something? Can you tell me which one you used that you downloaded?

    4. There are routes in DRAMAtical Murder, the first game too! Koujaku's good ending (the one where he cuts of Aoba's hair) is one. Then there is Noiz's route and Clear's routes too. It depends on the choices you make and who you choose to reply on. You can change your choices and go down a different route from the Quick Save menu. Clear takes of his mask near a fountain when you go to platinum town with him and then later at Glitter. leave me a message if you need more help :3