Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DMMd - Noiz's Route

Okay...this is gonna be quite long...since it's Noiz's route...he have THREE ENDINGS...which is quite a lot, unlike the rest which is only two.


NOOOIIIZ~!! His name can be spelled as Noiz, Noise, and Noize. He's the youngest protagonist here, 19 years old! His hair is light blond and he has a pair of lime/pastel green eyes. His clothes are mostly on the same colours as his eyes, GREEN~ He's the leader of his group, RUFF RABBITS together with his Allmate, USAGIMODOKI. His outfit is very colourful and fun, and fucking hard to draw...well, either way, his body is pretty slim. He has a lot of piercings! On his brows, nose, ears, jaw and etc. even his D*CK! ON HIS D*CK! HA! (i'm speechless...)

He give Aoba a handjob and Aoba sucked him...TEEHEE~

His path:

Shake her off
Are you a magician?
You brat!
I hear someone on the roof
Talk it out
Call out to Noiz
Don't listen to him
Be patient
Hurry Inside
Go up to Noiz
Search for Clear
Approach Koujaku
Hesitate to listen
(this is my own original path, you can follow the game's walkthrough or the one from aarinfantasy)
(next up are three more choices before the MAIN QUESTIONS)

-this part is quite difficult because the game is still in Japanese, the full translation of the game will be out soon on aarinfantasy.

1. Do you want to be more comfortable already? - YES
2. Do you want to give up already? - YES
3. Do you want to rest already? - YES
4. Do you want to sleep already? - YES
5. Is it okay to not wake up anymore? - YES
6. Is it okay to not work hard anymore? - YES
7. Is it okay to give up? - NO
8. Is it not okay to give up? - YES
9. No matter what? - YES
10. Absolutely? - Yes

- Why? - Because it's no good
- Why so? - Because it's wrong -if you choose this, you'll continuing the questions
if you choose the other one....

choosing the other one

- What do you wish for?

The real world (the shortest line there)

(to get the Good Ending, choose the other one and keep answering the questions.)

- Why? - Because you can't
- Why so? - It is not yet the time to end things
- Then when? - You are not the one to decide that
- Then who? - Think about it
- Who are you? - About that.... (this part is kinda given...)


AHHH~ okay, my hands are tired...

Noiz is the one who forced Aoba into Rhyme while doing the deliveries. After he lost, he took interest to Aoba and started to follow him around until he went to Aoba's house and checked on Aoba's computer for Ren's settings. He's very cold to Aoba...I'm not sure if he has a sweet tooth or what~ he usually just live with Pizza and Pasta ever since he came to Japan/Midorijima.


Noiz is from a wealthy family from Germany. Noiz can't feel any pain, so he's always in fights and ended up being a rebel to his parents until he left and went to Midorijima to start anew.


While at the Opal Tower, it would seemed like the main enemy here are the creepy Allmates and Noiz himself. Noiz was taken/manipulated by Toue until he started attacking Aoba. Aoba then used his SCRAP to fight him off. At Noiz's mind, the bug scene was quite creepy. It also showed what Noiz's feel all this time. How his previous life in Germany was and how he sees Aoba and the others.


It's like on the demo game, where pixelated Aoba and Noiz fight off Akushima-san .


it's the title screen...you'll get this if you didn't follow anything given above or if you choose wrong on the questions after YES or NO


Aoba was taken inside Noiz's desire world, where he can feel pain, but I think this isn't true, because Aoba kept on thinking that 'that' scene was not reality. He was covered in wounds and the whole place was a pool of blood. He hugged Aoba so tight that Aoba can't let go. Aoba wasn't speaking. Ahhh....Noiz is so happy in this, I cried, fuck this...Ahhh...the power of love is too much...it hurts, like literally...



YUMMY! They managed to beat the guards and all, Noiz's feelings came back and he can feel again. He was badly injured and wasn't able to walk....AOBA CARRIED HIM 'BRIDAL STYLE!'. After some days, Aoba visited Noiz at the hospital, they did this and that...of course Aoba locked the door...it was nice, I can't describe it in words...it was YUMMY! Noiz's voice turned me on pretty good! I never heared a SEME like that! It was sooo sexy! He's enjoying it! AHAHA~!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!! I wanna hear him, real life in action! 

After that, Aoba thought that everything would turn out good for the two of them but Noiz suddenly disappears...

Three months had passed, Aoba started living normally again together with the three brats. Until a customer came in, and MIO shouted so loud! "AH! THAT PIERCING PERVERT GUY!". Aoba can't describe his emotions, until Noiz talked and asked if he missed him, Aoba's emotions burst out. Noiz went back to Germany to apologize to his family and came back to Midorijima as a fine young man in a SUIT! and without piercings. He kissed Aoba infront of everyone and asked him to go with him to Germany. Kio and Nao asked Noiz why he likes Aoba since he's a guy or if Noiz's a pervert, Noiz replied that he loves Aoba and Aoba felt the same way. Kio then gave his approval (like a father) and told him to take care of Aoba cause he's an idiot. Mio then came back with a letter, LOVE LETTER, for Noiz. Noiz took it, later on apologizes because he's already in love with Aoba.

It ended with a 'BRIDAL STYLE' ~ 

hmm...I wonder if a guy like him exist...I want one...


  1. Yep, guys like that exist, but i kinda guess you wouldnt be so happy in their bad endings...


    it's the title screen...you'll get this if you didn't follow anything given above or if you choose wrong on the questions after YES or NO"

    I go back to the title and the game goes back to the beginning (not the very beginning, somewhere near it, the game even starts to be pixelated whenever i click until it becomes unreadable, the functions, like right click or m, c, d, s, etc., don't work either) some time after i answered the last down option before the yes or nos. I haven't even answered any yes or nos. Is this normal? Please help me. Pleeeeeaaaase. :(

    1. I just forgot to be notified, don't mind this comment. Thanks

  3. His name is only spelled Noiz, if what I've been told is correct. I REALLY don't think it can be spelled Noise.